Computer Engineering

The purpose of Computer Engineering education is to provide the knowledge and skills required for the hardware design and production of computer systems, as well as the realization of software that provides the functions expected from these systems. Computer Engineering aims to make use of mathematics, physics, and social sciences along with design methods in engineering in order to predict, evaluate and determine the results to be obtained from the developed hardware and software systems. The design, production and use of computer systems based on technological research and creativity are carried out in two different ways known as computer hardware and software. The mission of our department is to increase the design and production of computer hardware and software in our country to the level in advanced countries. In our training curriculum, the design and production of hardware and software of microprocessor-based systems in some electronic devices (such as phones, smart goods, and industrial automation devices) other than computer systems are also emphasized. Creating an unmanned virtual world of the future by focusing on artificial intelligence and virtual reality issues has become a necessity today. In addition, protecting and securing information as well as producing information has become one of the basic topics of computer engineering.

We are now living in the digital world. We can easily realize the effects of this from applications such as remote working, distance education, smart cities and internet banking that have become widespread in recent years. The future will be of computers that provide sustainable performance, rather than creatures that get tired and lose performance when they work.

Language of instruction: At least 30% English

Head of department

Prof. Dr. Rıfat YAZICI


Contact information:

444 0 413/3238