Graduate School of Foreign Trade
International Business English (Thesis/Non-Thesis) Master’s Program


The International Business Master Program aims to increase knowledge of the students in the field of International Business with theoretical and applied courses. The program includes compulsory and elective courses in the fields of International Business Management, International Marketing Management, International Finance, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management. The courses in the program focus on Evaluating International Environment, Reasons and Methods of Expansion into International Markets, Process and Types of International Cooperation, Changes in Management and Business Functions of Enterprises Expanding into the International Market and Their Management. There are courses on technological developments, artificial intelligence, big data, digital transformation and their effects on International Business. It is aimed that the graduates become entrepreneurs, employees and leaders who expand their businesses into international markets and make strategic cooperations there.

General Conditions

  • A minimum score of 55 from ALES Score Type for Master’s Programs with Thesis.
  • ALES is not required for Non-Thesis Master’s Programs.
  • Getting at least 70 points from YDS or an equivalent score from the international English foreign language exam, whose equivalence is accepted by the OSYM Executive Board, for student admission to the English Business Master’s Program.
  • Not accepting “Special Student” applications for Master’s Programs with Thesis
  • For male candidates; Submission of Military Discharge or Postponement Certificate.


  • Instruction language is English
  • Obligation to attend classes is 70%
  • The courses in the Scientific Preparation Program are non-credit courses.
  • Application Days and Hours: Classes will be held on weekdays, if necessary, on weekends (Saturdays). Lessons; It is held between 18:30-19:20, 19:25-20:15 and 20:20-21:10 hours.

Non-Thesis Master’s Programs

  • Non-thesis master’s programs consist of a total of 10 courses and a graduation project.

Master’s Programs with Thesis

  • Master’s programs with thesis consist of a total of 8 courses, a seminar course and a thesis.


Graduate Program Quota Transfer from Another University
With  Thesis Without Thesis With  Thesis Without Thesis
International Business 15 30 5 10