Graduate School of Foreign Trade
International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

The level of competition of enterprises in the strategic sense today depends on the characteristics of providing a quick response to change and the needs and requests of the sunday in which they are located. At this point, it is vital that production and service systems make the concept of innovation management part of their field of study. These developments increase the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation management. In our country, many enterprises and even medium-sized enterprises do not have the notion of entrepreneurship and cannot compete due to the shortcomings of innovation management practices.

The main rationale of the program is to plan and conduct practical practical trainings with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), the main stakeholder of Istanbul University of Commerce, which has positioned itself as an “entrepreneurial” university. In addition, this program aims to train successful entrepreneurs of the future who have mastered the topic of innovation management, can effectively use it, analyze trends at the micro and macro levels. The master’s program in International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, designed as an interdisciplinary program.

General Conditions

  • A minimum score of 55 from ALES Score Type for Master’s Programs with Thesis.
  • ALES is not required for Non-Thesis Master’s Programs.
  • Not accepting “Special Student” applications for Master’s Programs with Thesis
  • For male candidates; Submission of Military Discharge or Postponement Certificate.


  • Instruction language is Turkish
  • Obligation to attend classes is 70%
  • The courses in the Scientific Preparation Program are non-credit courses.
  • Application Days and Hours: Classes will be held on weekdays, if necessary, on weekends (Saturdays). Lessons; It is held between 18:30-19:20, 19:25-20:15 and 20:20-21:10 hours.


Graduate Program Quota Transfer from Another University
With  Thesis Without Thesis With Thesis Without Thesis
International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 9 30 3 3