Graduate School of Foreign Trade
International Trade Distance Education Non-Thesis

The main objective of the International Trade Distance Education programme is to transfer the basic and technical knowledge required by international trade and business administration. To equip students with the most up-to-date knowledge, skills and competencies to analyse the changing and developing dynamics of international trade at the national and international level in parallel with the theories and accumulations of international trade, to adapt academic knowledge, to reach managerial and financial solutions in accordance with national, regional and global conditions in the face of the multifaceted, multicultural environment of international trade relations and the possible political and commercial risks it brings to companies.

The Distance Education Master’s Degree Programme in International Trade, which is currently accepting students, has the advantage of being a distance education programme in order to reach more masses considering the distance of people to the location and the need to allocate time for both academic information on international trade and foreign trade practices. In addition to this, distance education is offered among the candidates who apply to the programme from Turkey and abroad. International Trade Distance Education Master’s Degree (Without Thesis) Programme contributes to the workforce needed by our country in academic and sectoral dimension and at the same time meets the demands of candidates from surrounding countries who want to receive education on this subject.

In today’s world, where commercial borders have disappeared and competition takes place internationally, it is important to provide education in this field.

Application Requirements

  • Submission of a 4-year bachelor’s degree
  • No ALES requirement for Master’s Programmes without thesis
  • Submission of Military Service Status Certificate as Postponed for male candidates

Education and Training

  • The language of instruction is Turkish.
  • Attendance to the courses is 70%.
  • The exams of the courses are held face-to-face.

Quota: 50