Foreign Trade


The Doctoral Program in International Trade has been launched with the aim to meet the need for a Ph.D.-level education in this field during the 2014-2015 academic year. Based on the economic science the program at the same time provides an advanced knowledge of economic, legal and political aspects of the international trade and a content-based research. In addition to the technical issues of contemporary international trade theory, the program is also aimed to deepen the practical knowledge on international trade policy.

The program’s objective is to educate students in the direction of acquiring an independent and individual research experiences and enable them to perform high-quality scientific research. The program aims to focus on historical and contemporary issues relating to international trade policies and practices; topics such as identification and analysis of the trends shaping today’s international trade movement, the determination of the actors involved in international trade policy and political and institutional context of international trade policies and practices.

By successful completion of the doctoral program in International Trade students will obtain in-depth knowledge and expertise in international trade-related issues with national and international dimensions  as the fundamental element of the globalization, as well as become capable of conducting research and delivering lectures in this area.

General Conditions

  • Candidates who will apply to the PhD programme must have a master’s degree with thesis or a bachelor’s degree. The requirement of having a master’s degree with thesis does not apply to students enrolled in non-thesis master’s degree programmes before 6/2/2013.
  • In order to apply for a PhD programme, candidates must have at least 55 points from the ALES Score Type made centrally by ÖSYM or a score equivalent to this score from one of the exams accepted as equivalent by the Higher Education Council.
  • Candidates applying with a master’s degree are required to have a master’s graduation grade point average of at least 2.50 out of 4 or an equivalent score.
  • In doctoral programmes, it is compulsory to get at least 70 points from the YDS English language exam or an equivalent score from the international English foreign language exam accepted as equivalent by the ÖSYM Board of Directors.

Education – Training

  • Language of instruction: Turkish
  • Compulsory attendance: 70%
  • Course Days and Hours: Classes are held between 18:30-21:20 on weekdays at Sütlüce Campus.
    (*) Classes can also be held on weekends if needed.

Scientific Preparatory Programme Courses

Candidates are expected to have a master’s degree in the fields to which they will apply. Candidates who have received their master’s degree in fields different from the doctoral programme to which they apply must take the Scientific Preparation Programme courses and other courses determined by the department and the Graduate School Board of Directors.


General Quota: 15

Horizontal Transfer Quota: 2

– 100% scholarship will be given to 15% of the students enrolled in the programmes.
– No programme will be opened under 5 students.