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Students will not be admitted to Computer Engineering (English) master’s programs in the Fall semester of the 2024-2025 Academic Year.

The aim of the Computer Engineering Master’s program is not only to train experts to process information and to develop new methods, but also to develop modern systems and methods to process information effectively. Since a computer can be used to solve any kind of problem or simulate any physical event, if appropriate software is used, those who will graduate in this field must have a wide variety of features. In other words, it has become the expected feature of a qualified engineer to know which algorithm is programmed in which language and the most effective result will be obtained from computer components.

This clearly demonstrates that some features must be present for a high performance computer system. The first is to know the existing computer hardware well, to make full use of its features, and to have the knowledge and skills to design such hardware. It is a known fact that some hardware features are unusable or delayed.

The second is the determination or design of the algorithm suitable for the job. A job can be done using many different algorithms, but selecting or designing a more efficient algorithm suitable for both the job and the computer architecture is expected from a qualified engineer.

Third, it is the selection and use of the appropriate programming language, or designing such a language, to convert the appropriate algorithm into the active program on a particular computer. Choosing a programming language that requires less labor and writing a program that is less tiring for the computer are among the tasks of the programmer.

Since the computer has begun to be used as an important tool in all areas of our life and especially in critical business such as banking, developing effective methods to ensure confidentiality and security in the storage and transportation of information has become an important issue.

The aim of this master’s program is to teach existing technologies, as well as to train High Engineers who will develop or apply new hardware, algorithms, system software, and theories for the development of the above-mentioned high-performance systems.


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