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It is among the goals of higher education institutions to achieve and even surpass international standards in postgraduate studies. Priority areas to be reviewed within the scope of the European Union harmonization process are education, science and technology. Architecture, as a design and application discipline that is almost as old as the history of humanity, is a profession for creating and applying spaces in the light of science and technology.

Considering that in an environment with developing technologies, globalizing social and economic systems and a stratified environment, people live in historical and contemporary structures. It is necessary that the restoration specialist and architects, who can work as specialists in large-scale and especially conservation restoration projects in the sector or in academia, will work primarily by researching and questioning.

In this context, Conservation and Restoration Master’s Program encourages students to

  • Specialize in the field of conservation and restoration of architecture and gain a more professional perspective,
  • Have a critical awareness of architectural conservation and restoration and the problems related to the nature, resources, production and testing of knowledge among other areas of expertise under the discipline of architecture,
  • Gain the necessary cognitive and practical skills for professional application competence in the field of architectural conservation and restoration, developing theoretical perception and scientific discussion skills,
  • Learn practical and technical methods of preparing a conservation project,
  • Gain the ability to correctly evaluate a qualified historical building in the built environment, determine contemporary design criteria in accordance with the historical texture and gaining the ability to make a contemporary design suitable for the texture,
  • Examine the interdisciplinary relationship in conservation and restoration issues and to develop the ability to establish relationships between disciplines in these matters,
  • Learn to take responsibility in working and learning environments related to architectural conservation and restoration, to define and manage a project,
  • Learn to share the findings and results and the underlying information and logic with groups of experts and non-experts in an open and systematic manner,
  • Use and develop computer software as well as information and communication technologies interactively at the level required by the field,
  • Develop strategies, policies and implementation plans on architectural conservation and restoration issues and evaluating the results within the framework of quality processes, taking into account ethical responsibilities,
  • Students gain experience in systematically evaluating information through various research methods and techniques,
  • Produce comprehensive projects related to the field, to develop the ability to perceive, understand and make design / planning decisions at different scales by discussing the subjects in a multidisciplinary approach by using the knowledge, understanding and skills they have gained, and developing their verbal and written expression skills,
  • Create the starting steps in line with the academic career,

The Conservation and Restoration Masters Program aims to contribute to the qualified manpower of our country. The program also aims to encourage students to develop innovative, creative, independent, sensitive thinking, dynamic, entrepreneurial, contemporary, and productive personalities, and provide them with the ability to plan, design, develop, implement and evaluate. In addition, it aims to train architects who are prone to both leadership and teamwork, who have adopted the importance of lifelong learning and will benefit the values, economy and technology of our country by following professional developments and social changes in this direction.


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