Graduate School of Natural And Applied Sciences

In order to understand the world we live in and to make new inferences, thinking and thinking, the most important instrument possessed by a human being, is the arena in which the human brain expresses itself best is the science of mathematics and thought. With this point of view, the Department of Mathematics, with its internationally modest staff, carries the extraordinary and flexibility of a department in its own right and contributes greatly to the intellectual power of the faculty and university it is located in.

Mathematics doctoral program, one of the graduate programs of the Department of Mathematics, has international experience especially in differential equations and partial differential equations, real functions, topological groups, Lie groups, programming, functional analysis, operator theory, sequences, series, summability, fixed point theory and related subjects under the titles of Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Analysis aims to train qualified researchers under the consultancy of experts.

To achieve this goal the program aims to train researchers who can conduct independent research, interpret scientific problems by examining data with a broad and deep perspective, gain the skills necessary to reach analysis and new synthesis, apply this knowledge to the problems faced by society and science, and guide others in mathematical methods and ways of thinking.

Mathematics doctorate education generally consists of three stages: First stage: the period of compulsory and elective courses specific to the field required for further research. Second stage: Doctoral Qualification period in which the basic subjects and concepts in the field and whether the student has the depth of scientific research related to the doctoral study is measured. Third stage: the Ph.D. thesis period, which is prepared by fulfilling at least one of the qualifications of bringing innovation to science, developing a new scientific method, applying a known method to a new field at the end of the doctoral study.

The doctoral dissertation period is designed in a way that aims to produce appropriate and new mathematical results in order to specialize in a specific problem and write a thesis on it. This stage in the program is continued under the guidance of a thesis supervisor. The thesis to be prepared should include original mathematical researches in which the ability to understand, organize, develop and present mathematical ideas with mathematical importance and depth, and should be worth publishing in internationally recognized journals.


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