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Mechatronics is a new science based on machinery, electronics, software and control systems technologies. It is an appropriate combination of the words mechanics and electronics in English and is used for the first time in Japan. Depending on technological developments, many sectors are exposed to infrastructure changes using mechatronic systems based on machinery, electronics, software and control systems technologies. The main reason for this is that mechatronic systems enable many processes that could not be done before and are very advantageous in terms of energy efficiency, quality, safety, cost and business sustainability. Electric/hybrid cars, self-driving buses and trains, commercial aircraft that conduct the entire flight under autopilot control, agricultural machinery that harvests the fields automatically, automatic container carrier trucks carrying cargo in ports, unmanned aerial and sea vehicles, wind turbines that operate adaptively according to wind conditions, smart printers that can print quickly and precisely, humanoid robots, surgical robots, reconnaissance robots sent to other planets, fully robotic production lines represent few examples of applications that the discipline of mechatronic engineering adds to our lives and gives an idea about the future.

Mechatronics engineers are individuals who can take care of every aspect of these mechatronic systems such as design, operation, maintenance, repair, renewal, and can see and improve the system as a whole with their machine, electronic, software and control notions. Today, there is a great demand for mechatronics engineers, especially at doctoral level, in manufacturing technologies, automotive industry, energy, aerospace technology, defense industry, material processing, imaging, printing, recording industry, medicine and health sciences. Our country, which is  striving to raise its production and living standards to a level that can compete with the other countrie in the world, and investing heavily in research and development activities for this end, also needs doctoral level mechatronics engineers. Turkey needs experts in mechatronics engineering in order to be in a strong position in the competitive technology producing world of the future. Istanbul Commerce University founded on the the strong support of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, which is one of the few chambers of commerce in the world with 350,000 members and includes many manufacturers and trade companies in the transformation into mechatronic systems, is launching the Mechatronics Engineering Doctorate Program to contribute to the fulfillment of this need.


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