Graduate School of Finance
General Information

The Institute of Finance is an education and training unit with versatile programmes and academicians who can read the developing and changing business/market dynamics well, adapt quickly to these changes, and reflect this adaptation to their curriculum and syllabus.

The Institute of Finance, which is the first and only one of its kind in Turkey, strives to provide students with versatile, sustainable and value-added acquisitions through its different main disciplines and affiliated programmes. In this context, a multifaceted relationship network has been established with sector stakeholders, public institutions, non-governmental organisations and other education and training units.

Through various formal and distance programmes in the main branches of Banking, Insurance and Risk Management, Capital Markets and Finance, the Institute tries to convey the importance and meaning of the concept of ‘information’ both for the market and for all related parties. Because the most valuable and priceless value of the current century is information.

All our students who are studying/will study in our programmes will be able to come together with the academic staff of Istanbul Commerce University, which is very large and has proven its maturity, and thus will be able to gain in-depth gains in both theory and practice. In addition to the science of finance, they will be able to take courses such as business, economics, econometrics, accounting, auditing, which are maximally related and valuable themes, and graduate with a versatile perspective.



Assoc. Prof. Gencay KARAKAYA

Assistant Director

Assoc. Prof. Yunus ÖZCAN

Research Assistant

Res. Asst. Şüheda Baran


Mihriban Şenol

Executive Board of the Graduate School

Assoc. Prof. Gencay KARAKAYA

Assoc. Prof. Yunus ÖZCAN

Prof. Ali Osman GÜRBÜZ

Assoc. Prof. Hicabi Ersoy

Assoc. Prof. Sıtkı SÖNMEZER

Contact Information

Director: Assoc. Prof. Gencay KARAKAYA 444 0 413 / 4254

Assistant Director: Assoc. Prof. Yunus ÖZCAN 444 0 413 / 4394

Research Assistant: Şüheda BARAN 444 0 413 / 4273

Officer: Mihriban ŞENOL 444-04-13 444 0 413 / 4762


Doctorate (Ph.D.)

  • Financial Economics
  • Banking

 Masters Programs

  • Capital Markets (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • International Banking and Finance (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • International Finance (English) (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • Banking (Non-Thesis)
  • Financial Services Marketing (Non-Thesis)
  • International Banking and Finance (Non-Thesis) (Distance Learning)


  • Courses are offered during weekdays between 18:30-21:30 and weekends at our Sütlüce Campus.
  • Students in the Masters with Thesis Programs and Ph.D Programs are expected to publish or provide an Acceptance Letter of an article in national or international peer reviewed journals in order to take the dissertation defense.
  • PhD Programs consist of a total of 9 courses (5 Core + 3 Electives + 1 Seminar), a qualifying exam, a dissertation proposal and a dissertation defense for students admitted with master’s degree.
  • Candidates are expected to have obtained a master’s degree in the related areas where they apply. Those who have a master’s degree in a different field are expected to complete the scientific preparatory program courses.
  • Master’s with Thesis programs consist of a total of 9 courses (5 Core + 3 Electives + 1 Seminar) and a thesis defense. The seminar course is non-credit and evaluated as “successful” or “unsuccessful”.
  • Master’s non Thesis programs consist of a total of 10 courses (5 Core + 5 Electives) and a project.