Cinema in Pandemic Period

During the pandemic period, our students had a chance to meet with many directors and producers in the series of interviews which are organized online by the Visual Communication Design Department of the Faculty of Communication, Istanbul Ticaret University. This interview were broadcasted live on the Youtube channel of Istanbul Ticaret University. In addition, you can quite easily access the program via indicated link…



The interview was carried out as a moderator by one of the department lecturers, Assistant Professor Gözde Sunal, on the 27th May, 2021. The guests of our interview, titled as a “Cinema in Pandemic Period”, were Murat Şeker, founder of SugarWorkz production company, and Çağrı Özeren who is the producer of Çamaşırhane Film. By and large, it was made an assessment in this event alongside of a film production and direction process about pre/post pandemic for cinema. Also, you can reach our interview with ease in the YouTube channel of our university.