Public Relations and Advertising

One of the goals of the Undergraduate Program in Public Relations and Advertising, operating within the Faculty of Communication, is to fill vacancies in the field of public relations and advertising sector. The program intends to provide education in the areas of public relations, corporate communications, advertising, media planning, advertising research, creative writing, advertising management, brand awareness, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and advertising. It also aims to train public relations professionals and advertisers who will be equipped with the necessary qualifications to take due account of international standards.

A further aim of the department is to enrich the education with both theoretic knowledge and practical studies within Public Relations and Advertising ateliers factory Therefore, as well as the theoretical knowledge of the students, the preparation of the students with the sector is also aimed for. Within this framework, our students can study content production and management in their own areas regarding social media platforms and project application in our first department blog, called PradistStudents can make use of sector experience, be able to create their own network with the help of Digital Communication Days (Digidays) that has been in existence since 2016-2017 academic year and that holds the chance of hosting the digital marketing sector masters in our university. Various studies can be carried out with the İlancılık Advertising Agency, 3P Product Placement Agency, and Tribal Area Marketing Agency in the frame of university-sector cooperation. Our students can also undergo training at those agencies.

The Public Relations and Advertising Department which monitors the academic and the sectoral studies closely with its qualified academic personnel also has an International Public Relations and Advertising Studies Journal (HIRE) that has international referees and that has been published in Turkey since March 2018. This academic journal is important because it is the first periodical publication that focuses on the academic studies about public relations and advertising disciplines in our country and in the world.

Our current program’s curriculum provides various courses like Corporate Image and Reputation Management, Videography, Content Production, Artificial Intelligence Practices in Communication Studies, Creativity, New Media Advertising, Integrated Communication Campaigns, Emotional Intelligence Management and Leadership, Consumer Behavior, International Public Relations Campaigns, Story Development, Product Placement, Digital Marketing, Non-Governmental Organizational Communication, Fashion and Luxury Brand Management that can be taught within four years of education.

Our students who are prepared with theoretic and practical information during their education can get jobs within the areas of public relations and advertising  and can get titles within these areas like corporate communications manager, public relations practitioner, strategic communications manager, advertising copywriter,  media planning expert, consumer representative , creative director, art director, graphic designer, advertising and communications manager, brand manager, digital marketing specialist, and marketing manager.


Language of Instruction: Turkish

Prof. Dr. R. Gülay ÖZTÜRK

Head of Public Relations and Advertising Department

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