✕ Kapat


Our objective is,

  • To motivate the employees to be more productive through appropriate wage systems and practices, and
  • To recruit employees with the appropriate competence for the University and to ensure the continuity of the employees.

Promotion to a higher position on the basis of performance results in a change also in the monthly gross base wages. The increases in the personnel wages are evaluated once a year in September, taking into account the performance, inflation and market conditions.

The Fringe Benefits Provided to Our Employees are;

  • Wage hikes based on the submission of a foreign language certificate (Administrative Staff only),
  • Healthcare services provided by the University,
  • Discounts at contracted companies, and
  • Tuition waiver/scholarship opportunities in respect of education/training received in the University (Only the University’s regular academic and administrative staff and their spouses and children)


Performance assessment of the academic staff is carried out by ADEK (Accreditation, Academic Assessment and Quality Coordinatorship) in line with the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) Legislation. In this regard;

  • A competency-based performance assessment is implemented for the administrative staff of the University.
  • Performance assessment consists of interim review and performance assessment periods and is implemented yearly between January and July.
  • Results of the performance assessment are taken into account in planning the trainings needed, career planning and wage management.