Research Center for Neighbouring Countries and Regions


‘Türkiye-Pakistan Relations’ event will be carried out on 30.12.2021 at 14:00 by center as online. By Assoc.Prof.Uğur Yasin Asal’s moderatorship with participating of Consul General of Pakistan to Istanbul Bilal Khan Pasha and Pakistan Consulate General Trade Development Officer Tuna Çakar, yesterday, today and future of Türkye-Pakistan relations will be evaluated in deep.



‘Religion, Politics and Ethnicity On Caucasia’ event will be carried out on 23.12.2021 at 15:30 by center as online. By Assist.Prof.Zebiniso Kamalova’s moderatorship with participating of Mokhmad Akhiyadov, İNSAMER Russia and Caucasia Researcher, Religion, Politics and Ethnicity On Caucasia and their interaction with Russia, region and Turkey will be evaluated.

‘The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Post-War State of Affairs and Impediments to Permanent Peace’ event will be carried out on 16.11.2021 at 14:00 by center as online. By center assistant director Assist.Prof.Kamala Valiyeva’s moderatorship with participating of Assoc.Prof.Maryna Ali Askerov, The Nagorno-Karabakh , victory, post-victory and protecting the peace will be evaluated.



From Osmanli Till Today Palestine Issue: Immigration and Property Problems online event was carried out at 03.06.2021. By moderatorship of Center Director Assist.Prof. Uğur Yasin Asal, with the participant of Dean of Facutly of Arts on Fat,h Sultan Mehmet University Prof. Zekeriya Kurşun, ‘From Osmanli Till Today Plaestine Issue: Immigration and Property Problems’ content is shared with audiences.




Regional Cooperation in Central Asia: Trends and Projections’ event was carried out on 23.09.2021 at 14:00 by center as online. By Dr. Zebiniso Kamalova’s moderatorship with participating of Eldor Tulyakov as speaker who is Executive Director of Development Strategy Center of Uzbekistan, economical and politic directions of regional partnership based on Uzbekistan’s centricity was shared.