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The Office of Corporate Communications works to ensure and develop communication in accordance with our corporate identity and goals with all stakeholders interacting with our university, and to make positive contributions to the public reputation of our university and to the way it is perceived by the public opinion.

To this end, Office of Corporate Communications organizes various events to strengthen the university’s relations with parties such as schools, educators, parents and students, and to accurately promote the opportunities and advantages that the university offers to the said parties. Office of Corporate Communications participates in fairs, promotion days and invitations held in the country on behalf of the university and provides the necessary information. The preparation of all printed and visual materials used for the promotion of the university, use of the social media, management of the call center, the preparation and updating of the content of the university’s website are among the duties of the Office of Corporate Communications.

Office of Corporate Communications also carries out all the preparatory works for the organization of events such as national/international conferences, seminars, panels and exhibitions held at the university.

Additionally, Office of Corporate Communications supports the flow of information about the university to local, national and international media organs, and undertakes the use of all promotional channels.

Units affiliated with the Office of Corporate Communications of our University are;

  • Media and Visual Contents Unit
  • Promotion and Marketing Unit


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