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Office of Financial Affairs regulates the functioning of the University’s financial management, the preparation and implementation of budgets, and the accounting, reporting and financial control of all financial transactions, in order to obtain and use the University’s resources in an effective, economical and efficient manner and to ensure accountability and financial transparency. The functions, which the Office of Financial Affairs is entrusted with, are summarized below;

  1. Accounting
  • To carry out the preliminary financial control of financial transactions,
  • To carry out accounting services in accordance with the current legislation,
  • To prepare and present financial statements and reports,
  • To carry out the financial transactions of the projects carried out within the University,
  • To carry out financial transactions related to pay desk (bursar) and advance payments, and
  • To carry out all kinds of payment and collection transactions in relation to the movable goods of the University, e.g., office supply, equipment.
  1. Budgeting and Reporting
  • To prepare the budget of the university on the basis of planning and schedule and to monitor its implementation,
  • To collect and evaluate the necessary information, documents and statistics on the funding sources of investment projects,
  • To prepare and present the Corporate Budget and “Code of Practice”,
  • To prepare a draft plan on the appropriation transfer requests in order to be presented to the Rectorate and the Board of Trustees, and to implement the plan thereafter,
  • To provide the necessary coordination services to the other administrative units during the implementation of their budgets, and to provide the opportunity to monitor the budget-expenditure information in electronic environment,
  • To prepare and present the Financial Affairs Annual Report, and
  • To monitor cash and allowance status during the implementation of the budget
  1. Students’ Financial Transactions
  • To prepare a draft plan on the “fees and the methods to collect these fees” to be implemented by the University, in order to be presented to the Rectorate and the Board of Trustees, and to implement the plan thereafter,
  • To collect fees from the students using all available means,
  • To make scholarship payments to be paid in cash,
  • To fulfill the requirements of students’ “demand/wish” petitions that contain financial obligations,
  • To draw up student invoices on a timely manner and deliver them to the students via the Student Information Offices in the Campus upon request, and
  • To inform the students about their financial obligations,
  1. Finance
  • To offer various payment options and payment methods to students, and to materialize these options and methods,
  • To render payments to companies or persons from whom goods or services have been purchased, through banks
  • To carry out the financial relations with banks, and
  • To carry out any other financial transactions.
  1. Other Functions
  • To prepare the documentation created within the scope of the Quality System,
  • To determine the process performance parameters, and to monitor and measure these parameters at specified periods,
  • To check the quality of the services provided by the administrative units, and to carry out the necessary corrective and preventive actions to correct any non-conforming service(s), if any,
  • To make suggestions to the administrative units to improve the quality of the services they provide, and to ensure that the preventive actions are carried out,
  • To evaluate the customer complaints received, and to notify the Quality Management Representative about these complaints, and
  • To perform any other duties assigned by the Rector and the Secretary General.

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