The Department of Mathematics of Istanbul Commerce University aims to offer its students a comprehensive program that is free from rote learning and is dominated by questioning and investigative thinking. In the first two years of the mathematics undergraduate program, the theoretical and basic courses of mathematics are taught to provide students with a solid mathematical background. In this way, students gain the ability to think mathematically, express what they think, analyze and prove. In the next two years of the program, besides theoretical and applied mathematics courses, students are given the opportunity to take elective courses necessary for them to start their business life directly in various fields such as informatics, banking, finance and economics, or to continue their academic careers in different disciplines from economics to engineering besides mathematics.

Students in mathematics have the opportunity to do a minor and double major with various programs at our university during their education. On the other hand, within the framework of various Erasmus student exchange agreements, students can also gain experience abroad during their undergraduate education. In line with the requests of the students, new agreements can be made with different European universities. In addition, if our students intend to continue their careers in the field of mathematics after graduation, we also have graduate and doctoral programs within the Institute of Science.

There are 3 professors, 1 lecturer with a doctoral degree and 1 research assistant within the Department of Mathematics. All courses are meticulously taught by this staff and, when necessary, by visiting lecturers. The department of mathematics, which provides education in classes with no more than 25 students, provides the opportunity to communicate directly with the lecturer in lessons and has an understanding of education that encourages and supports its students to reach their maximum academic potential. Our faculty members contribute to different fields of mathematics at international level by publishing in journals scanned by Science Citation Index (SCI) and Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E).


Prof. Dr. Necip ŞİMŞEK

Head of Department


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