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The most important explanation about the importance, definition and responsibilities of the architectural profession is expressed with the sentences “Architecture is an expression of culture” and “There is a public interest in the practice of the Architecture Profession” at the beginning of the law on architecture in France.

Robustness, Functionality, and Aesthetics, which the Roman writer and critic Vitruvius stated in his book, have been the most important principles of architecture and therefore architectural education and pedagogy in the historical development process. In addition, today, the social, economic, and cultural dimensions of architecture come to the fore, the development in contemporary science, technology, and communication, new materials, new functions and requirements brought by contemporary life, bring up the questioning and development of architectural education in parallel with these needs. In addition, considering the future of humanity, it is undoubted that the development and provision of SUSTAINABILITY in every field, especially in the environmental and structural fields, is of great importance for architecture and architectural education.

Our Department of Architecture aims to bring together architects trained to respond to these principles and requirements with its four-year undergraduate program. One of the goals of the Department of Architecture is to train architects who are distinguished, professional, expert in their own fields, and effective at the national and international level, who can integrate aesthetics and knowledge, produce economic solutions.

Our department aims to provide architectural education through a program consisting of architectural design studios, which form the backbone of architectural education, along with faculty members and assistants who are specialized in their fields and have international experience. It is among the basic policies of our department that this program is supported by experienced architects who have realized successful architectural project applications. In addition to the implementation of the said program, joint workshops (Work-Shop), exhibitions, and seminars are organized with the faculty members and students who will be invited from the universities abroad (Germany, France, and Austria) with which we are in constant cooperation. Successful students have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester with the Erasmus student exchange agreements to be made with these educational institutions, starting from the 3rd grade.

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