Architecture is considered as an interdisciplinary design field. It focuses on many aspects in the bottom of which reside human actions and experience which also architecture itself is shaped by. Architecture is also related to fields such as environment, art, engineering, philosophy, sociology, and psychology, given its relation to human nature. The education of the Department of Architecture is given as a four-year undergraduate program with applied courses consisting of basic theoretical courses, current elective courses to support theoretical courses and studio courses that form the basis of architectural education. The studio courses, where our students have the opportunity to combine the knowledge they have gained in theoretical courses with aesthetics, are carried out with experienced lecturers who are experts in their fields. The lectures are supported by seminars, workshops, and technical trips throughout the academic year to which expert guests are invited.

In the academic year, it is in contact with domestic and international universities and together with the invited faculty members and students; various end-of-term exhibitions, workshops lasting several days, series planned in weekly or monthly periods, competitions and workshops are organized. It is aimed to support collective productions by bringing different schools and students together with each other through these platforms, to promote social relations through interactions, and to increase the understanding of teamwork. It is planned to increase the overall success of our department through collective interactions and activities. Our students who are successful in undergraduate education with ERASMUS student exchange programs are entitled to study abroad in our contracted schools from the 3rd grade.

As the Department of Architecture, our focus is to train architect candidates. The aim of the department is to raise them as talented individuals who intend to serve the public interest with ethical concerns, cares about environmental and cultural values. Also, our focus is on training them to follow current developments, understand the importance of interdisciplinary research and work in design, have strong social backgrounds, express themselves well, are confident, have high knowledge and application ability, can combine knowledge and aesthetics, can offer alternative examples with different perspectives, and produce and develop sustainable solutions.