Graduate School of Social Sciences
Private Law Masters Programs

We have three different programs under the Private Law Department. These are; masters (LL.M.) program (with thesis), masters program (non-thesis) and doctorate (P.h.D) programs.

Private Law Masters Programs aim to enable students to comprehend the basic concepts of private law as well as national and international developments in the field of private law. In this context, defining new legal problems that arise in practice and acquiring the necessary method and resources for solving the problems constitute the basis of education.

On the other hand, students are provided with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and specialize by following the developments in different fields such as private law, civil law, commercial law, labor law, civil procedure and enforcement and bankruptcy law through the many elective courses in the programs. The program deals with the past and present of private law in Turkey and the world in a comparative manner, while providing students with a glimpse into the future of private law through the discussions in the courses. Students who successfully graduate from the program will have in-depth information about current developments in Private Law. In addition, they will learn the ways to keep this information up-to-date in their professional life, and they will be able to put himself in a more advantageous position among their colleagues.

With the notion that they have acquired during their graduate education, the students will be able to develop different perspectives, so they will be able to think about the questions that no one can foresee and that may arise in the future, therefore they will be able to study even for them.

The Private Law doctorate program aims to enable lawyers, who have completed their undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of law, to gain an advanced level of specialization in the field of private law by writing a doctoral thesis. For this reason, the intense changes made in the basic laws direct law practitioners and those who want to work in the academic field to this program.

The goal of the program is to bring well-equipped private lawyers to Turkish social life. The program aims to provide the student with the ability to conduct independent research in this field, to interpret scientific events by examining them with a broad and deep perspective, and to determine the necessary steps to reach new syntheses.


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