Turkish Education Application and Research Center

Istanbul Commerce University, Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center, in short, Ticaret TÖMER, was established in accordance with Article 7/d-2 of Law No. The Center has begun its operations after the establishment of the center was published in the Official Gazette dated 23 August 2020 and numbered 31222.

The purposes of Ticaret TÖMER includes to teach Turkish language to Turkish children living abroad and/or returning to Turkey and to foreigners living in Turkey and abroad, to support and develop Turkish teaching studies and to share the knowledge gained through various activities in the national and international areas.

Ticaret TÖMER, besides providing the opportunity to learn Turkish both as a mother tongue and as a foreign language in the most accurate and effective way, aims to contribute to representing Turkey, Turkish culture and art in the international arena.

In Ticaret TÖMER, consultancy or expert witness services can be provided to public and private institutions. Examinations on measuring the language proficiency level at home and abroad is held. Further, the Center offers distance online language teaching and exam services beyond geographical boundaries.