University-Business Relations Research and Application Center
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Istanbul Commerce University is established by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Education and Social Services Foundation as a requirement of the corporate social responsibility of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. It is a prestige project established with the aim of carrying out contemporary education and research on a global scale with its educational level, scientific research and publications, cultural and artistic activities, and to be among the leading institutions of our country and the world.

In today’s Information Age/New economy, the most important factor determining the welfare level and development/development performance of countries is their position in information, innovation and technology production. In this context, universities, which determine the quality of the country’s human capital with the education they provide, also produce knowledge, innovation and technology as an important pillar of the National Innovation System. University Business World Relations Application and Research Centers fulfill a critical and strategic function, acting as an interface of university business world relations at the point of transferring these outputs of the university to production by the business world and the experience, talent and knowledge of the business world to the university.

Within the framework of the awareness of the important function of these centers, within the scope of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Commerce University Cooperation Protocol signed in July 2012, “Istanbul Commerce University, in cooperation with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, has been decided to establish a University Business World Relations Application and Research Center. This center will organize seminars, certificate programs, congresses, workshops, research, projects and similar activities as a national and global conference for   strengthening,  development  and  growth of the business world and society.


University Business World Relations Application and Research Center carries out scientific activities, projects and researches such as various symposiums, workshops, seminars with various institutions and organizations of the business world, especially with  ITO .