There is no doubt that international trade is the engine of all transformations in the modern world where traditional business strategies are changing rapidly, and global markets are increasingly prioritized, especially by making consumption patterns almost universal and driving the economy of production after it. In this new era of the world economy, many businesses are trying to offer similar products and services in similar markets with similar marketing strategies to consumer groups with increasingly identical consumption patterns, and their number is rapidly increasing. Undoubtedly, such an environment offers numerous opportunities for businesses to open up new horizons. But this also means that it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate their products, whether they are goods or services, and therefore competition in both national and international markets becomes extremely tough.
Similar observations are undoubtedly valid for national economies: Many countries that have been in their own shell for a long time have shown their presence more predominantly in the world economy by using the new opportunities offered by globalization more effectively and more rationally than others. But it does not end with this; tough struggles are required to hold on to the new positions and levels in the international arena as well as to reach them.
Istanbul Commerce University Department of International Trade primarily aims to give its students better understanding of the world and Turkey, and to prepare to make a proper analysis. In this framework, it equips them with the latest and up-to-date information and perspectives.
We aim to provide our students with the knowledge and methods of the disciplines of Economics, Law, and Business, each of which has a different and unique approach, in a way that is as harmonious as possible, by prioritizing the extremely special environment and conditions of the field of International Trade.
In line with this goal and with a solid theoretical foundation our program aims to explain in detail the basic concepts and practices of international trade, current issues based on companies, sectors, and countries, and trends in strategy and policies by giving real-life and practical examples. Thus, it aims to equip its students with sufficient knowledge and skills in this field.

Prof. Dr. Figen YILDIRIM
Head of Department