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Office of Maintenance Support Services consists of 2 units, the Administrative Affairs Unit and the Construction and Technical Affairs Unit.

Administrative Affairs Unit

Administrative Affairs Unit is responsible for the units affiliated with it and for the activities of these units, in respect of the provision of the services in an economical and effective way and the utilization of the available resources in the most efficient way, in accordance with the mission, vision and quality standards of the University. Administrative Affairs Unit provides services by producing fast and effective solutions for the continuity of service quality in the fields it is responsible for, which are transportation services, cleaning services, security services, teahouses, information offices, occupational health and safety (OHS) and civil defense.

Construction and Technical Affairs Unit

Construction and Technical Affairs Unit provides construction, repair, infrastructure, landscaping, layout, project and technical support services of the University. Construction and Technical Affairs Unit aims to provide sustainable and effective solutions based on functionality, aesthetics and efficiency, and to this end, carries out the procedures for cost approximation, control, progress payment, project acceptance, inventories, etc. of any and all kinds of work.