Graduate School of Finance
General Information

Assoc. Prof. Ayben KOY 

Graduate School of Finance (GSF) offers a comprehensive range of  high-quality masters and research degrees by combining theoretical knowledge and practical application in Finance, Banking and Capital Markets areas.

GSF is designed as an institution that contributes to the economy and the financial sector by integrating national and international financial markets, offering national, regional, and global consulting services, producing research and projects in collaboration with public and private institutions and organizations.

The Graduate School of Finance aims to enhance a diverse student community by including a growing number of international students from all around the World. Istanbul Commerce University allows students the flexibility to complete the programs at their own pace and complete their degrees in Istanbul, one of world’s most vibrant and  student-oriented cities. We look forward to welcoming you to the Graduate School of Finance at Istanbul Commerce University.




Assoc. Prof. Ayben KOY

Assistant Manager

Assist. Prof. Güldenur ÇETİN


Burçin SARI

Research Assistant

Sevgi Eren


Executive Board of the Graduate School

Assoc. Prof. Ayben KOY

Assist. Prof. Güldenur ÇETİN

Assoc. Prof. Sıtkı SÖNMEZER

Prof. Ali Osman GÜRBÜZ

Assoc. Prof. Hicabi Ersoy


Contact Information

Dean: Assoc. Prof. Ayben KOY (0212) 444-04-13

Vice Dean: Assist. Prof. Güldenur ÇETİN (0212) 444-04-13

Officer: Burçin SARI (0212) 444-04-13 (4756)

Research Assistant: Sevgi Eren (0212) 444-04-13 (4774)



Doctorate (Ph.D.)

  • Financial Economics
  • Banking


Masters Programs

  • Capital Markets (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • International Banking and Finance (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • International Finance (English) (Thesis and Non-Thesis)
  • Banking (Non-Thesis)
  • Financial Services Marketing (Non-Thesis)
  • International Banking and Finance (Non-Thesis) (Distance Learning)



  • Courses are offered during weekdays between 18:30-21:30 and weekends at our Sütlüce Campus.
  • Students in the Masters with Thesis Programs and Ph.D Programs are expected to publish or provide an Acceptance Letter of an article in national or international peer reviewed journals in order to take the dissertation defense.
  • PhD Programs consist of a total of 9 courses (5 Core + 3 Electives + 1 Seminar), a qualifying exam, a dissertation proposal and a dissertation defense for students admitted with master’s degree.
  • Candidates are expected to have obtained a master’s degree in the related areas where they apply. Those who have a master’s degree in a different field are expected to complete the scientific preparatory program courses.
  • Master’s with Thesis programs consist of a total of 9 courses (5 Core + 3 Electives + 1 Seminar) and a thesis defense. The seminar course is non-credit and evaluated as “successful” or “unsuccessful”.
  • Master’s non Thesis programs consist of a total of 10 courses (5 Core + 5 Electives) and a project.