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Student Societies (Clubs)

As structures established by the initiatives of our students, our student societies are an integral part of campus life. Student societies provide an environment where our students can spend their free time and develop their talents and personalities based on their interests, in addition to attending classes. Student societies, which bring together our students with common dreams, hobbies and interests, also make important contributions to the formation and development of our students’ social networks. Our students develop their teamwork competencies, learn time management and acquire skills such as project development within the framework of the activities performed by the student societies. Students have the opportunity to become a member of more than one student society and benefit from the activities organized by these student societies without limitation.

In order to be informed about the activities of student societies operating in the University, they can be contacted in person or through their social media accounts.




African Society
Banking and Finance Society
Information and Technology Society
Stock Exchange and Investment Society
Revivement and Civilization Society
Language Workshop Society
E-sports Society
Industrial Engineering Society
Awareness Society
Photography Society
Traditional Turkish Archery Society
Young Thinkers Society
Young Volunteers Society
Young Pioneers Society
Entrepreneurship Society
Law Academy Society
Law Society
Legal Thinking Society
Business Society
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) İstanbul Ticaret University Student Society
Kadem (Women and Democracy Association) Society
Personal and Career Development Society
Creative Thinking Community
Culture and Literature Society
Architecture and Design Society
Fashion and Design Society
Debate Society
Positive Thinking Society
Music Society
Ombudsman Society
Psychology Society
Cinema Society
Civil Aviation Society
Political Science and International Relations Society
Sociology Society
Underwater (Sub-Aqua) Society
Trade Communications Society
Theater Society
Turkic World Studies Society
Turkish-Islamic Arts Society
Turkish Red Crescent Society
Aeronautics and Astronautics Society
Ultraslan UNI (Galatasaray Football Club University Fan Group) Society
International Students Society
UNIGFB (Fenerbahçe Football Club University Fan Group)  Society
Production Research Society
Reunion Society
Building and Construction Society
Reformists Society
Generation Z Society



Mathematics Society
UNİBJK (Beşiktaş Football Club University Fan Group) Society
Robotics Society
Statistics Society
Ethical Research Society
Art and Aesthetics Society
Young Green Crescent Society