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The aim of the university is to be among the leading academic institutions as a university, which can carry out interdisciplinary studies necessitated by the information and technology age, takes an active and decisive role in national and international scientific activities while protecting academic freedom, gives graduates, who possess the qualifications demanded by the 21st century, who think critically, who are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge, and who have ethical values, and thereby the prestige of which is accepted at all levels.

In other words, our vision is to be a university that can bring quality difference to its students, produce research and projects that offer added value to the business world and society, and appeal to global stakeholders.


Our mission is to be a modern university that can respond to the changing needs of our country, adapt itself rapidly to global trends, have local and universal moral values, teach the human force that it has raised as entrepreneurial, productive and qualified to behave freely and fairly and to take responsibility. Providing our students with modern knowledge and skills, carrying out pioneering research and professional practices, producing solutions to the problems of the private and public sector, and contributing to individual and social welfare and happiness stand out as the concrete reflections of our mission.