Natural And Applied Sciences
Graduate School of Applied and Natural Sciences Collaborate with the Police Academy to Establish New Projects

Istanbul Commerce University Graduate School of Applied and Natural Sciences and Police Academy have united for a joint project. It will be conducted by our Institute’s Deputy Director Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammet CEYLAN. The aim of the study is to compare the designed swab in terms of cell compatibility, yield and antimicrobial properties.

The new project will be supported by the Scientific Research foundation of Istanbul Commerce Universtiy (YAPKO). The summary of the project is given below.

Project Summary

In biological applications, polymers and polymeric materials have a wide range of uses. Polymers are preferred because of their high elasticity, strength, lightness, and biocompatible and biodegradable for biological applications. Biocompatibility feature of polymer enables the polymer to function without causing any problems in the living cell, and biodegradability feature of polymer provides a solution to the environmental and waste problem.

In this research, polycaprolactone and aerogel biopolymers will be synthesized using electrospinning method in order to bring a new perspective to the swab used in the collection of biological evidence. Biopolymers will be combined with nanosilver particles, an antimicrobial agent, taking into account the high porosity and blend compatibility. The synthesized nanofibers will be treated with blood and the differences of swab will be revealed. It will contribute to making nanomaterials more preferable in the process of collecting evidence at the scene.