Cooperation Between Our University and Lufthansa

A protocol was signed between Istanbul Commerce University and Lufthansa, one of the world’s largest airline companies, for workplace training of students.

Istanbul Commerce University rector Professor Yücel Oğurlu, Lufthansa Turkey General Manager Kemal Geçer, Vice Rector Professor Necip Şimşek, Head of Aviation Management Department Assoc. Prof. Okşan Kibritçi Artar, department academics Prof. Hüner Şencan, Assoc. Prof. Elif Güneren Genç and lecturer Mustafa Emre Taşçı attended the signing ceremony held at the university.

Lecturer Mustafa Emre Taşçı, who made a short statement before the signatures, stated that the protocol to be signed is an important step in university-industry cooperation and emphasized that the protocol will contribute to academic studies as well as workplace training of students. Taşçı said that after the protocol, some of the Aviation Management students will immediately start on-the-job training, and that preliminary studies will be carried out for innovative studies, project production and article production at Lufthansa, under the leadership of Geçer, with groups to be formed as volunteers.

Lufthansa Turkey General Manager Kemal Geçer said that he visited many universities, but the most dynamic academic staff and students were in Istanbul Commerce University. Stating that they want to create an education model in aviation by going beyond workplace training and internships with the protocol, and to provide students with practical training by showing the real sector while they are still studying, Geçer noted that with this training, students will see what awaits them after their education life.



Emphasizing that the business world complains about the lack of practical training when hiring graduates, Geçer said that the protocol will contribute to ending these complaints of the business world by providing students with experience.

Underlining that they employ them in all units at Lufthansa instead of assigning ordinary jobs to the students they receive on the job training, Geçer stated that the students also deal with the top management while they are working. Geçer emphasized that every student who passed the training sat in the CEO chair for a day, that he was aware of everything that was going on at the top of the company that day, and that this was an important experience for the student.

Istanbul Commerce University Rector Prof. Yücel Oğurlu also thanked Geçer for his cooperation. He said that they cooperated with many companies from the sector, but they were happy to sign a protocol with Lufthansa, which is known for making the least delays. Referring to the importance of long-term internship and workplace training, Prof. Yücel Oğurlu underlined that this is a formation for students.

Head of Aviation Management Department Assoc. Prof. Okşan Kibritçi Artar also stated that the protocol signed with Lufthansa is very important and said that students have active studies within the university and that relations with Lufthansa will increase these activities. Expressing that the aviation management department is like a family due to the energy of the students and the fact that academicians and students constantly produce joint projects, Kibritçi Artar noted that this has a positive effect on the dynamism of the students.

After the speeches, General Manager Geçer and Rector Prof. Oğurlu signed the protocol and mutual gifts were presented.