DGR Certificate Privilege in Aviation
News Date: 17.06.2019

Istanbul Commerce University, with its Aviation Management Department, trains qualified personnel for the air transportation sector. The students of the department graduate by receiving DGR certificates, which the industry attaches great importance to. Our university is the only university in Turkey to issue DGR certificates with international validity to its students. The increase in air traffic and the number of passengers carried in our country has brought with it the interest and demand for the air transportation sector. Parallel to these developments, the air transportation sector started to need more qualified manpower. Changes and differentiations occurred in the personnel qualifications required by the sector. For this reason, it became clear that undergraduate programs that train human resources for the sector should be shaped in line with new needs and expectations.


Istanbul Commerce University Faculty of Business Administration Department of Aviation Management has Training Institution Authorization for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air. Thanks to this authorization, department students can get a DGR certificate. Aviation Dangerous Goods (DGR) class specially prepared within the Aviation Management Department; Successfully passed the inspection of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. After this inspection, the Ministry authorized Istanbul Commerce University as a Training Institution for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.


Istanbul Commerce University Department of Aviation Management; With the authorization of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, it can provide training (DGR) on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air commercially. The aviation industry attaches great importance to this certification program. Students of Istanbul Commerce University Aviation Management Department can obtain the DGR certificate without paying a separate fee. The certificates have international validity within the framework of ICAO and IATA.

Istanbul Commerce University Aviation Management Department is at a very different point from similar departments of other universities with the DGR class that has passed the audit successfully and the DGR training authorization it has received.


The Aviation Management Department maintains a close cooperation with the industry. Business selections of the students who come to the internship stage are made by the General Directorate of Civil Air. The Career Center also makes other internship arrangements for its students by connecting with aviation-related institutions and organizations. The department is also in contact with institutions such as TGS, THY, TAV, CELEBI, and students still continue to do internships in these institutions.

The Civil Aviation Summit, organized by the University’s Civil Aviation Student Society every year, is known as the most important organization in Turkey in this field and brings thousands of students together with the industry every year.