GNL450 Vocational Education Studies

“Buildings and Sustainability: what, what happened, what should be”, the ninth of the series of seminars eventuated within the scope of the “GNL450 Vocational Education Studies” lecture organized by the İstanbul Ticaret University Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture and Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design was conducted within the participation of Yasin TOPARLAR on the online platform on Monday, May 24, 2021.

Toparlar explained the concept of sustainability, the purpose and process of sustainable design in the context of building, and the design demands expected to be realized in the near future. He shared information about sustainability as a measurable concept and how it is measured. During the seminar where the seventeen goals determined by the United Nations for sustainable development were discussed, the use of resources in buildings, methods for the development of sustainability, regulations, and ongoing errors were also discussed.

As the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and the Department of Architecture, we would like to thank Yasin TOPARLAR for their contribution to the ninth “Vocational Education Studies” series, which was held with the questions and shares of the students.