Vocational Education Studies

“Adaptability and Changeability in Buildings”, the seveth of the series of seminars eventuated within the scope of the “GNL450 Vocational Education Studies” lecture organized by the İstanbul Ticaret University Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture and Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental was conducted within the participation Dr. Savaş Ekinci on the online platform on Monday, May 3, 2021.

Dr. Savaş Ekinci highlighted the important points on the concepts of change, transformation, adaptability and flexibility, the differences between them and their use together. He emphasized that adaptability and changeability in buildings can be considered in terms of intervention in building elements, in terms of continuity, in terms of usage and change scenarios, and in terms of realization phase, he talked about exemplary practices. Also, he explained that how the existing building stock should be re-used; definition of purpose in replacement with different or same function; definition of frequency of change, the lifetime of change, sequence and phases of change, and time-related purpose; the issues of separation into hierarchical levels such as city-level, texture level, support level, support-filling level, filling level should be examined.

As the Department of Architecture and the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and, we would like to thank Dr. Savaş Ekinci for their contribution to the seventh “Vocational Education Studies” series.