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Central and Local Administration Meet at This Workshop!

The opening of the “Metropolitan Municipalities Transportation Problems and Solutions, Coordination and Evaluation Workshop” for the Heads of Transportation Departments of the Metropolitan Municipalities in our country, which will be held at Istanbul Beylikdüzü Kaya Istanbul Fair & Convention Hotel between 4-6 March, will be held on Friday, 4 March at 14:30. This important workshop is organized by the director of our center, Prof. Dr. Mustafa ILICALI.

In the meeting, which will be attended by the heads of transportation departments of 30 metropolitan municipalities in our country and the managers of the relevant ministries, it is aimed to discuss the problems and solution proposals under 4 main headings (planning, implementation, financing, legislation), to obtain a common mind and to share them with the relevant units of the state. It will be a technical workshop where the issues, deficiencies, problems, solution suggestions and legal regulations that need to be made on transportation and traffic, which are the number one problem of Istanbul and many cities, will be discussed. In this workshop, central and local governments will come together and at the same time, a strong coordination will be ensured between the relevant ministries and the transportation departments of 30 metropolitan municipalities.

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The program flow is also share as follows:

Program flow