Digidays Begin at Istanbul Ticaret University Faculty of Communication!

Digital Communication Days (Digidays), organized by the Public Relations and Advertising Department of Istanbul Ticaret University with the contributions of Komili, Popeyes, İlancılık Advertising Agency, Think Aloud Research Company and Vapp Works will take place this year on 24-25 March at Istanbul Ticaret University Faculty of Communication TIMM (Trade Communication and Media Center) TV Studios!

The event, which will be broadcast live simultaneously on TiMM TV YouTube channel, where 21 Masters in the field of digital communication will evaluate the digital world from a broad perspective including Metaverse and Transhumanism, Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Persuasion in the World of Brands, How Personal Brands can be Created, Sustainability with NFT (non-fungible token), E-Waste Project, 5 Features that will Shape the Future Advertising, and Importance of Digitalization for B2B (business-to-business) Brands, will last for 2 days.

This year’s speakers of Digidays, where 16 sessions will take place and which you can attend online free of charge, are as follows:

Mart 24th, Thursday: Brand Specialist Mr. Bülent Fidan, Digital Strategist Ms. Hande Aydın, Future Experience Studio Founder Mr. Serdar Keskin, Bunge Food Marketing and Commercial Marketing Leader Dr. Pınar Nokay, Süleyman Demirel University Anadolu Quaternary Application and Research Center Manager Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çetin Şenkul, İlancılık Advertising Agency Co-Chair Mr. Ender Merter, Founder of IT Governance Mr. Cantekin Ertekin, Vapp Works Co-Founder Ms. Burcu Erenkuş, Think Aloud Strategic Consulting & Research Strategic Planning and Insight Consultant Ms. Esra Baykal and MİAD (Malatya Businessmen Association) General Secretary Dr. Hakan Odabaşı.

Mart 24th, Friday: Photographer and Digital Content Producer Ms. Yeşim Mutlu, PulpoAR Co-Founder & CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Mr. Buğrahan Bayat, Depo 360 Advertising Agency President Ms. Esma Bitirim, Digital Content Producer Ms. Jülide Kır, Influencer Ms. Gözde Göksel, The Zero Point Project Agency President Mr. Ulaş Bozan, Johnson&Johnson Consumer Products Group Marketing Director Mr. Alperen Özkan, Environmental/Project Engineer Ms. Gizem Akdoğan, Member of the Board of Directors of GCL Recycling and Refining Inc. Ms. Berrin Tektunalı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Inflow Network & Gaia Chairman Mr. Neşet Dereli, and R2D2 Advertising Agency Agency President Mr. Tunç Kileciler.

We look forward to your participation in our event, which will start with the opening speech of Prof. Dr. Celalettin Aktaş, Dean of the Faculty of Communication, and Prof. Dr. Gülay Öztürk, Head of the Public Relations and Advertising Department, on Thursday, March 24th at 9.30 am!

You may find more information about our event by filling out the participation form at  and by following us on our Pradist blog and social media accounts.

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