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There are 2 Healthcare Centers in the University, namely Sütlüce and Küçükyalı Healthcare Centers. There are Emergency room, Polyclinic, a 4-bed Infirmary and a Psychological Counseling Unit available in the Healthcare Centers. In the Healthcare Centers, 2 Doctors are working part-time (09:00 am-12:00 pm), whereas 2 Nurses, 1 full-time Specialist Clinical Psychologist and 1 psychologist are working full-time.

Health Counseling is also provided In the Healthcare Centers in the form of training given to students and employees on Preventive Health Services, Communicable Diseases and Community Health.

Within the scope of Preventive Health Services, students are obliged to fill out the Health Information Form requested during enrollment.

Students and employees can benefit from all physical examination, medical dressing, healthcare and treatment services provided in the Healthcare Centers as well as from the services provided by the Psychological Counseling and Guidance unit available in the Healthcare Centers free of charge.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit

Two psychologists, one of whom is a clinical psychologist, work in the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit that operates within the Healthcare Centers of the University.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit provides psychotherapy for students and employees who present with various complaints that may have the characteristics of psychological disorders, and with psychological problems related to exam and performance anxiety. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit offers psychotherapy and psychological counseling services also for situations that almost everyone experiences from time to time and has difficulty in coping with alone, such as problems related to adapting to the university environment, concerns about career and future, new relationship problems brought by new social environments, and family problems.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit also provides psychotherapy and psychological counseling activities under “Personal Development” services to students who apply to get to know themselves better, improve their social and interpersonal relations, and make coping strategies more effective and functional against all kinds of problems they may encounter.

Taking into consideration the fact that healthcare is a subject that needs to be addressed as a whole, the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit works in full coordination with the medical units of the University’s Healthcare Centers, and provides mutual guidance and exchanges opinions in cases where necessary.

In cases, when a judgment is made as to medical treatment (medication, etc.) is necessary or compulsory, clients are referred to psychiatric centers outside the University, in line with the aim to maximize the quality and effectiveness of treatment by working in cooperation with such centers.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit serves not only the students but also the academic and administrative staff. Principles of voluntariness and confidentiality are always kept in the foreground in admissions to the Unit, and information such as the identity information of the clients and the reasons for their admission are kept completely and strictly confidential (Except in cases where the client is likely to cause physical harm to him/herself or others).

Except for emergencies, it is expected of the clients to make an appointment in advance, as it is one of the factors that affect the quality, regularity and continuity of the services provided.