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General Secretariat
Oğuz Özcan
Genel Sekreter
ARTICLE 39 — General Secretariat consists of the office of Secretary General and office(s) of at most two Deputy Secretary Generals and their affiliated units. The Secretary General is the head of Istanbul Ticaret University’s (“the University”) administrative organization and reports to the Rector on the work of his/her office. The duties of the Secretary General are as follows;
  1. a) to ensure that the units within the body of university administrative organization work efficiently, regularly and in harmony with each other,
  2. b) to act as a rapporteur in the University Senate and the Board of Directors without the right to vote, and to ensure that the decisions taken by these governing bodies are written, recorded and archived,
  3. c) to communicate the decisions of the University Senate and Board of Directors to the units affiliated with the University,
  4. d) to make suggestions to the Rector about the personnel to be appointed within the administrative organization of the university,
  5. e) to ensure the execution of media and public relations,
  6. f) to handle the correspondence of the Rectorate,
  7. g) to organize the protocol (order of precedence), guest and ceremonial affairs of the Rectorate, and
  8. h) to perform other duties assigned by the Rector.

Kağan Köklen
Genel Sekreter Yardımcısı
Mr. Kağan Köklen has born in 1976. He has graduated from the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management at Balıkesir University in 1999. Recently, Mr. Kağan Köklen completed the Business Administration Master’s program at Istanbul Ticaret University in 2019.

Mr. Kağan Köklen started his business life in the food and beverage sector. He assumed managerial positions at Majesty Tuana Resort, and at Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in U.S. between 2001-2006, respectively, then worked as the General Secretary of the Tokatli Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TOSİAD) and as the Purchasing and Marketing Manager at Çimsan A.Ş. Subsequently, he started and carried out his own business in the fields of security and cleaning between 2018 and 2012.

Mr. Kağan Köklen started to work at Istanbul Ticaret University in 2012, and has been working as the Deputy Secretary General since June 24th, 2019.

He is married and father to 2 children.