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Vision and Mission


The vision of the university is to be among the prominent academic institutions that can achieve the following: carrying out interdisciplinary research and work as a requirement of the age of information and technology, being involved in both national and international scientific endeavors as an active and determining actor by upholding academic freedom, being acknowledged in all aspects and educating students by enabling them to be equipped with critical thinking skills, theoretical and practical knowledge as well as ethical merits, which are considered to be the essential requirements of the 21st century.

Our vision, in other words, is to be a university that can allow its students to gain qualified awareness, to come up with research and projects that can provide added value in accordance with the needs of the professional world and society as well as to address global stakeholders.



Our mission is to be a contemporary university that can address the changing needs of our country, adjust itself rapidly to global trends, educate human force in a way to make them possess universal moral values, virtues of being enterprising, productive and qualified, acting in a free and fair way as well as assuming responsibility.  We have the aspiration to come into prominence by enabling our students to be equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills, realizing leading research and professional applications, finding solutions to private and public sector as well as contributing to the individual and social welfare, which make up the concrete reflections of our mission.