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Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

I invite you all to education combined with experience!

There are certain qualities which render universities the centers of knowledge and experience. Some of these attributes are well-qualified academic staff, good education, adequately-equipped campuses and a sound infrastructure.  Besides these qualities, social and cultural activities constitute the other integral components of university education.

On top of these, the most important consideration is to enable universities to be institutions which can provide education in life. Accordingly, one fundamental aspiration of a world university is to converge the never-ending ocean of knowledge and the concrete realities of life.

Istanbul Commerce University, in this regard, is one that stands out. While integrating academic knowledge into professional life, the university provides education at the very heart of economy. This approach, which brings together experience and education, carries our university to the future.

Lit in 2001 with 73 students of ours, this torch of education is proceeding toward future with a total number of 9000 students currently. The 139-year-old rooted history of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the power of its members corresponding to 420.000 constantly support our university. Thus, the heritage we get from the past paves the way to a promising future.

We, as the members of a large family, are heading for new targets. Upon this embarking, I invite you to this education of ours which is blended with experience.

Kind regards,

Öztürk ORAN

Istanbul Commerce University

Chair of the Board of Trustees