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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions About Course Procedure and Campus Entrance on 2021 – 2022 Autumn Semester


Some cafes on campuses were opened. The rules set by the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Hygiene Board are applied in the same way at our university. The tables in the cafes have a cross seating arrangement. It is recommended to sit with a space. In addition, salt, pepper, pellets, glasses, bread holders and toothpicks were removed from the tables.

Academicians must be vaccinated or submit a negative PCR test once a week in order to enter the our university.

Students are admitted to campuses with HES code control. It is determined from the HES codes that they are in contact or sick.

Libraries have been opened for the use of students on the condition that they comply with the epidemic measures. Here, too, students are not allowed to sit close at the same table.

No decision has been taken on this matter yet, the University Senate will soon take the right decision for students in line with the recommendations of the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health.

Smoking is prohibited in indoor and outdoor areas on campuses.

In our faculties, where there is a demand for online courses to be face-to-face, the deans collected the requests, evaluated the situation and made the necessary arrangements. Apart from this, necessary changes will be made in line with the opinions of the Council of Higher Education.

Rooms can be used with the coordination of the departmen health culture and sport, provided that the distance conditions are respected.

In this case, the procedure specified by the Provincial Health Directorate for contacts should be applied.

Attendance will not be required for face-to-face classes, and these classes will be broadcast live simultaneously. Our sick or contact students will be able to follow the lessons online from their homes.

There is no decision taken in this regard. In line with the recommendations of Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health, decisions will be taken according to the course of the epidemic.

Office hours will be face-to-face (except for Academicians over 65 years of age or with chronic illness). Our teachers who are over 65 years old or who cannot come to school due to a chronic illness will continue their office hours online.

Shuttle service will continue. Campuses and service vehicles are regularly disinfected. It is obligatory to wear a mask in the shuttle service. Air conditioners in the shuttle services will only be operated under appropriate conditions.

With the simultaneous broadcast of face-to-face courses online via the distance education system, students are offered the opportunity to follow each lesson online. Lessons can be watched online or, if desired, after that can be watched on record.

There is no obligation to attend face-to-face and online courses. However, the instructor of the course can take the attandance into consideration while grading.