Students graduating from Istanbul Ticaret University are one step ahead with the Blue Diploma (DS)

Blue Diploma – Diploma Supplement (DS)

Students graduating from Istanbul Ticaret University are one step ahead with the Blue Diploma (DS)!

All of our students who successfully complete their undergraduate and graduate education of our university by successfully passing their theoretical and practical courses are awarded with the Blue Diploma (DE) in addition to their Higher Education diplomas. In this way, our graduates who would like to continue their education or work abroad after graduation are one step ahead of other candidates.


So, what is the Blue Diploma (DS)?

The Blue Diploma (DE) is awarded to every graduate as a standard in addition to the Higher Education diploma free of charge.


Well, can every university graduate student have this Diploma Supplement?

In order for universities to issue a Blue Diploma (DS), they must comply with all the criteria determined by the relevant European Union Education Committee and act in accordance with the Decisions of this Committee. In addition, it is equally important that these universities provide multilingual education and are successful academically. In this way, the undergraduate or graduate programs of such universities get approved by all countries subject to the Decisions of European Union Education Committee.

As a university that fulfills these conditions, Istanbul Ticaret University awards its graduates with a Blue Diploma (DS) written in an international language (English). This diploma supplement demonstrates that the education you have received has international validity and that its content and level are in accordance with the European Union standards.

Blue Diploma (DS) is awarded by all departments of our University. In other words, all our graduates are entitled to receive a Blue Diploma (DS).


Which countries recognize the Blue Diploma?

As a global diploma with international validity, the Blue Diploma (DS) is valid in all European countries and European Union member states. Therefore, our graduates with a Blue Diploma can continue their education in a European country and apply for internships and jobs.

Some of the countries where you can continue your education or apply for an internship or a job with your Blue Diploma (DS) are as follows:



 Republic of Cyprus
 Czech Republic



















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