Kazakh Students Met for Breakfast at Istanbul Ticaret University.

Kazakhstani citizens studying in Istanbul came together at the breakfast event organized by Istanbul Ticaret University.

Istanbul Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Almat Altay, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Ticaret University Dr. Israfil Kuralay, Rector of Istanbul Ticaret University Prof. Dr. Abdulhamit Avşar and Secretary General of Istanbul Ticaret University Erdal Cesar attended the event.

The breakfast meeting, which took place at Istanbul Ticaret University Sütlüce Campus, was organised in order to ensure that Kazakh students studying at our university and Kazakh students studying at other universities get to know each other.

“We are happy to be at this friendly event”

Speaking at the meeting, Consul General Altay said, “We were hosted here in a very friendly atmosphere. We are happy to come together with valuable students. I would like to thank the management of Istanbul Ticaret University for this organization.”

Stating that being a student in Istanbul is a great opportunity, Dr. İsrafil Kuralay, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Ticaret University, said: ”We have students from 87 different countries at our university. My advice to all our students is to keep good communication with your friends from other countries and establish international relations. The business world needs you very much. It is very valuable to develop yourself in many aspects. Also, do not refrain from developing commercial activities by revealing your own entrepreneurial spirit. Istanbul offers great opportunities to those who want to develop.”

‘Saint Istanbul’ Gift from our Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Kuralay presented Yahya Kemal Beyatlı’s Aziz Istanbul as a gift to the students and performed the poet’s poem ‘From Another Hill’. Emphasising that Yahya Kemal is a great value, Dr. Kuralay reminded the students about Yahya Kemal Beyatlı and the distinguished works of Turkish Literature, especially for reading Istanbul.

“The Development of Our Relations is Satisfying”

Istanbul Commerce University Rector Prof. Dr. Abdulhamit Avşar started his speech by thanking the Consul General and Kazakh students who participated in the event and continued his speech: ”Inter-state relations in the Turkic world are experiencing the best period in history in many respects. This is very valuable. We must strengthen our law of brotherhood by carrying out social and cultural studies between our countries. In this context, we are very pleased to have you here. As Istanbul Commerce University, we strive to ensure that all our guest students have a qualified education life.”


The meeting, where Kazakh students had the opportunity to express their observations in Turkey, their thoughts and impressions about Istanbul, ended with a souvenir photo shoot.






29 May 2024
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