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Academic Calendar Information for Graduate Spring Semester

Dear Graduate Students,

At the undergraduate and graduate level, it is decided that all final exams (final and make-up) exams will be held on-campus in the new academic calendar postponed for two weeks dates if life returns to normal in the world and in our country. This decision belongs to the Senate of our University and is limited to the Spring semester 2019/2020.

For our students who are in thesis related periods in our institutes;

  • Correction Thesis Defense Exams remaining from the Fall Semester

  • Spring Term Thesis Monitoring Exams

  • Spring Term Thesis Proposal Defense Exams

  • Spring term (Second) Thesis Defense Exams

It has been decided that the new Academic calendar, which has been postponed for 2 weeks, will be held at the campus of our university when faced with on-campus education, and if it is not possible due to the epidemic, it can be recorded in the distance education portals of our university and recorded as a remote video conference.

For students who are at the Ph.D. Qualifying stage in our institutes;

  • Spring Term Ph.D. Qualifying Exams;

It was decided to hold this exam at the campuses of our university when we switch from distance education to on-campus education. If it is not possible due to the epidemic, it has been decided to postpone it until the on-campus education.